Helping adults improve reading and writing skills

I will help improve adults' reading and writing skills by designing and delivering unique sessions on specifically selected topics.  Specific outcome sessions maintain relevance and subsequently, interest.  Sessions can be delivered in a group format or one-to-one basis.


Professional and confidential conduct is guaranteed. 




My passion for interpreting the written word has helped improve my career and lifestyle and I am gratified that through "Do It, Write" I can assist other adults to do the same.


“Do It, Write” provides a unique chance for adults to improve reading and writing skills.  Improving reading and writing skills will provide a better pathway for employment whilst increasing self-esteem, resulting in enhanced social skills and an improved lifestyle.


Approximately 47% of the Australian adult population is fundamentally illiterate and 17% of students are below the basic literacy level.  Whilst assisting in speech and reading programs I noticed a profound relationship between parent/caregiver literacy levels and their students' educational outcomes.  I created “Do It, Write” in an attempt to help break this cycle.  


In one-to-one situations Learners can contribute to each tailored session, designed to suit his/her own personal profile and learning style.  Learners will not need to endure a competitive environment nor disclose their predicament.  I am available to attend personal sessions at a location and time which is convenient for the Learner.


Organisations will benefit from greater productivity as I will design industry-specific sessions to meet the requirements of specified target groups.  I am able to facilitate courses on site using either industry-specific or generic documentation.  All sessions can be adapted to support the various levels of learning requirements. 


I look forward to sharing my passion for literacy with adults who wish to improve their life skills.